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Following the WeDo building instructions
Following the WeDo building instructions

The WeDo kit can be used to achieve many curricular goals. The guide that comes with the WeDo software provides ideas of how to achieve mathematics, science, technology, engineering and language arts goals.

Other teachers have also developed their own curricula using the WeDo. The list below is not complete – please add links to other resources.

Kids Engineer!

John Heffernan has created one of the best known (and best?) K-6 curricular plans involving educational robots. The curriculum starts with the (non-Lego) BeeBot in Kindergarten and moving to the WeDo in lower primary and then the NXT in upper primary. The curriculum includes links to standards and open-ended challenges.

Early Childhood Robotics Network

The ECRN is part of the Developmental Technologies Research Group at Tufts University. The Network has developed curricula for Kindergarten to grade 2.

Dr. Steve Coxon’s Web

Dr. Coxon carried out research on educational robotics. On his site, he has posted an enrichment unit for ages 7 to 10 called Design to Succeed in LEGO WeDo Robotics Challenges.


The Leading English Education and Resources Network, LEARN, based in Quebec, Canada has set up this site with a clear pre-school focus. There are adapted plans (made easier for younger students), challenges, and suggestions for classroom management.


The Robotics for Children (& Parents) blog by Peter Chen is mostly focussed on the WeDo kit, though it now has some information on the EV3.

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Wayne Burnett

Wayne Burnett

Wayne Burnett, Ed.D., is a Canadian father of two boys (both of whom used the Mindstorms NXT) who teaches at an international school in Singapore. In addition to teaching robotics, ICT, and information literacy, Wayne has recently completed a dissertation on using the LEGO WeDo to teach science.

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