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The internet and educational robotics combine to create a range of online training courses and teacher tools. The websites below differ in length, focus and cost, but all provide teachers (and sometimes students) resources and skills to make best use of the LEGO kits (EV3, NXT and WeDo). Information on each course is from the respective website.

Computer Science Student Network (NXT, LabVIEW, ROBOTC)

  • The Computer Science Student Network (CS2N) is a collaborative research project between Carnegie Mellon University and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The site includes a range of NXT resources, including ROBOTC and LabVIEW programming, 4-H projects, and other non-LEGO resources. When last checked, there were no EV3 resources.

Dr Graeme’s Tutorials for Beginners (EV3, NXT)

  • “We aim to provide a series of free light-hearted tutorials that will allow you to learn how to program and build small robots using either the LEGO EV3 or NXT MINDSTORMS kits, starting with simple programs and robots, building your skills as you go. No programming or building experience is required – the tutorials start from the beginning, and you learn by doing…”

Educational Robotics for Absolute Beginners (NXT, EV3 coming soon)

  • Rowan University Laboratory for Educational Robotics (RULER) offers free, self-paced online workshops designed specifically for K-12 teachers.

EV3 Lessons (EV3)

  • EV3 Lessons was created by members of First Lego League team “Not the Droids You Are Looking For” as part of the 2014 FLL World Class Project season to help improve the way we learn to program the EV3.

Fun with Beginner LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Robotics (EV3)

  • This online Udemy course was created by  Dr. Graeme Faulkner (whose web site is noted above) for absolute beginners.

Robotics Academy (EV3, NXT)

  • The Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy provides online training for teachers (EV3 and NXT, online and face to face), curriculum and other resources.

STEMcentric (EV3, NXT, RCX)

  • STEMcentric is a resource for those involved with STEM education, either as a student or instructor.

STEMRobotics (EV3, NXT, Simple & Motorized Mechanisms)

  • StemRobotics is a repository of educational materials for teachers of Science, Tech Ed, Engineering, Math, Applied classes, Robotics, Engineering Graphics, FIRST teams in FLL, FTC, FRC, etc.

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Wayne Burnett

Wayne Burnett

Wayne Burnett, Ed.D., is a Canadian father of two boys (both of whom used the Mindstorms NXT) who teaches at an international school in Singapore. In addition to teaching robotics, ICT, and information literacy, Wayne has recently completed a dissertation on using the LEGO WeDo to teach science.

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