EV3 books

MINDSTORMS EV3 books written for educators Bratzel, Barbara. STEM by Design: Teaching with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Jawaharial, Mariappan. LEGO EV3 Robotics: A Guide for Educators Kee, Damien. Classroom Activities for the Busy Teacher: EV3  General MINDSTORMS EV3 books Bagnall, Brian. Maximum LEGO EV3: Building Robots with Java Brains Baichtal, John and James Floyd Kelly. Hacking your […]

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General LEGO Technic and robotics books

Robotics books Ceceri, Kathy and Sam Carbaugh. Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future with 20 Projects Chow-Miller, Ian. Integrated Robotics Chow-Miller, Ian. Math, Programming, and Controllers Chow-Miller, Ian. Sensors and the Environment Heffernan, John. Elementary Robotics: Sustaining the Natural Engineering Instincts of Children Hughes, Cameron and Tracy Hughes. Robot Programming: A Guide to Controlling Autonomous […]

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WeDo books

Books using WeDo 2.0 Isogawa, Yoshihito. WeDo Line Tracer: The Yoshihito’s Creation Book Isogawa, Yoshihito. WeDo Sine Wave Car: The Yoshihito’s Creation Book Isogawa, Yoshihito. WeDo Sphinx: The Yoshihito’s Creation Book Isogawa, Yoshihito. WeDo Wall Tracer: The Yoshihito’s Creation Book Sitzler-Frazier, Robin. Animate, Build, Code with LEGO and Scratch: a guide for busy teachers Yu, Fanghua. Creative Coding […]

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New cycles of Dr. E’s MINDSTORMS and WeDo Challenges

The two Dr. E’s Challenge sites, MINDSTORMS and WeDo, have launched new cycles of challenges. Check out the WeDo and MINDSTORMS versions of the February challenge, Mythical Beast. The two sites were created by Professor Ethan Danahy (Dr. E) of Tufts University to provide open-ended robotics challenges for students around the world. Each month, students design solutions […]

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Dr. E’s Challenges launch a new season

The two Dr. E’s Challenges websites, WeDo and MINDSTORMS, have launched new cycles of challenges, starting with a joint challenge: Aviary: Let your imagination take flight! Design a bird to join our WeDo aviary. It can be realistic or imaginary (and it doesn’t actually need to fly). As described previously, these sites encourage students to use LEGO […]

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Dr. E’s Challenges: Meet the Leapers

Dr. E’s Challenges are monthly, open-ended LEGO robotics activities for students around the world. Each month, a new challenge is announced. Students tackle the problem and publish videos and photos of their solutions on the Dr. E’s website. There are two versions of the Dr. E’s Challenges, WeDo and MINDSTORMS. In general, younger students try […]

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Challenge your students with Dr E

Dr E’s WeDo Challenges and Dr E’s MINDSTORMS Challenges are gearing up for a new series of activities, starting in October 2016. Created by Professor Ethan Danahy of Tufts University, these sites encourage students from around the world to find creative solutions to open-ended problems using LEGO robotics and then share their creations with one another. The sites […]

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Running MINDSTORMS NXT on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

As a number of Mac users have discovered to their chagrin that the MINDSTORMS NXT Software (NXT-G) crashes on Apple computers running OS X Yosemite. The issue seems to be a problem with loading the Flash content into the MINDSTORMS NXT Software. One workaround is to disable the Flash content, which shows up in the Lobby […]

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Dr E’s MINDSTORMS and WeDo Challenges: New Season

Trick or Treat! The new challenge season has started for Dr E’s MINDSTORMS Challenges and Dr E’s WeDo Challenges, with a special joint Halloween challenge–to make a trick-or-treating robot. Every month, each site features a new open-ended challenge. Participants create solutions using either MINDSTORMS or WeDo and post their creations on the site. At the […]

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